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In his new book, Craft in the Real World (Catapult, January 2021), Matthew Salesses collects more than a decade of thinking on craft, audience, and writing. Salesses, a novelist and essayist, combines exacting analysis of common craft axioms—“show, d
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Tommye Blount
Four Way Books Why not take his razorto my faceto see if I can findbeauty buried —from “Fable of the Beast” HOW IT BEGAN: The backbone of the book, a quartet of poems called “Fantasia for the Man in Blue,” originated from two interactions I had with
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Recent Winners
Four poets won the 2020 Discovery Poetry Contest. They are Asa Drake of Ocala, Florida, Luther Hughes of Seattle, Ana Portnoy Brimmer of Luquillo, Puerto Rico, and Daniella Toosie-Watson of Middletown, New York. They each received $500, publication o