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Our Test Winner’s Stablemates
£5,499.99 Love the idea of a big rig with Fox Factory suspension, but don’t fancy the big wheels? Then the Giga Carbon 275 Factory is the bike for you. It has an identical specification to our test winner but to make up for the reduced rollover of th
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The Dreadnought
This is the Forbidden Dreadnought, a 154mm-travel 29er with grown-up geometry and a stunning carbon frame design so beautiful you’ll want to hang on your wall or pickle it. There’s a lot more going on than just good looks though; the Dreadnought does
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It’s arguably got to the point in mountain bike wheel development that merely offering a solid and stiff carbon rim that’s reliable enough not to catastrophically fail might not be enough to lure customers away from a quality (and often cheaper) allo