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Going For broke!
Last year was a slow one for RC racing as Covid pumped the brakes on all racing programs all over the US and the World. With every racer on earth itching to race again and with life starting to get back to normal, the first Annual Xact RC 10K Challen
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Sting ray
RC is a fantastic way to get to own and drive the cars of your dreams at a fraction of the cost, all without the bother of where to store your collection of rides too. In 1/10-scale, you can own just about any modern supercar or out of reach rare cla
RC Car ActionLeitura de 2 minsAutomotive
Ram Trx4
Shane loves his TRX4 Defender but it’s no secret that it has a fair amount of weight up high, and that was creating some issues for him out on the trail—especially after he added the Traxxas lift kit. After some internet research, he found out that P