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As duck season progresses, taking care of your dog in cold weather is vital. That starts with a healthy diet.

“I strongly encourage people to feed) and a Eukanuba pro-staff member. “Incrementally increasing the amount you feed your dog as winter sets in is very important in order for them to efficiently metabolize it.”

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The Do-all Rod
There’s a wide selection of specialized salmon rods out there. Investing in multiple rods meant to fish specific ways is something to consider if you fish a lot, but it’s not a requirement if you want to have a good chance of catching spring chinooks
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The Test Team
Dr. Todd A. Kuhn is Game & Fish’s South region editor. He holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and has 18 U.S. patents for outdoor gear. He’s been fishing for more than 50 years. Capt. Jamie Harris, a fishing tackle gearhead in the truest sens
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Inside The Test
The 12-gauge Remington 870 Super Magnum and .660-constriction choke I most often use to hunt turkeys is representative of an average turkey gun, which is why I chose it for this test. I set it on a bench in a recoil-absorbing rest and shot three roun