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Candidates for the Keough School of Global Affairs should highlight their professional experiences and demonstrate how this master's degree in global affairs would be a natural stepping-stone in their overall career plans.

"Be candid and transparent about your professional experiences during the application process, so that others may recognize the value you bring to the program," says Becca Mendez, associate director of

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“The United States has wasted $5 trillion fighting its post-9/11 wars. In the same period, the American working classes have suffered. This money should be spent on them.” —Kishore Mahbubani, author of Has China Won? “The United States will need a mo
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When Foreign Policy Went Wrong.
1 IN U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, IT ISN ALWAYS EASY to suss out good ideas from bad. Some bad ideas masquerade as neutral fact, only to be exposed later on. Others worm their way into strategic doctrines, guiding a wide range of policies that long outlast t