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Technician and writer on all things audio for some 30 years, Paul Miller took over the editor’s chair in 2006. He invented the QC Suite, used across the audio industry

Sometimes I wonder whether our regular Vintage Review features make the owning of classic hi-fi components look too simple. Month after month, gleaming examples of fondly remembered models are offered up to tempt you.

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Hi Fi NewsLeitura de 2 mins
Audiophile: Vinyl
Mobile Fidelity MFSL2-490 (two 45rpm LPs) Someone with a long memory will tell me if this is the first time an album earned both HFN’s ‘Digital Release of the Month’ and ‘LP of the Month’, as I couldn’t resist giving the SACD of this the top score in
Hi Fi NewsLeitura de 9 minsTechnology & Engineering
Repairing Vintage Hi-fi
In the early days of hi-fi it was common to make one’s own equipment, either as an economy measure or as a matter of pride. Today’s equivalent may be repairing and restoring vintage hi-fi units at home, a potentially rewarding endeavour which can mak
Hi Fi NewsLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
Counting The Cost
Yours is a hi-fimagazine reviewing high-end equipment, yet after reading the letters that appear in the Sound Off pages month after month it would appear that your readers own the most mediocre components known to man. I have spent £140,000 on equipm