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Human treasures

he study of fossil remains of our human ancestors has made spectacular advances in the past two decades, aided by new micro-scanning and genetic techniques. As a result, our evolutionary tree has sprouted several new branches and grown more twisted – and with newly found human cousins popping up in unexpected places, these discoveries are now challenging.

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We’re big egg fans, and silver-beet is rampant in my garden at the moment, so we’ll be enjoying this filo dish over the long weekend. The trick with filo is to cook it until it’s deep golden in colour, so it doesn’t collapse into a soggy mess after c
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House Rules
Amid the relief that the Government has at long last taken some action to address the housing crisis has been the widespread but odd notion that it was “cracking down on property investors”. Cracking down? They’re not drug dealers. The idea is not to
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A Grudge & A Pistol
We all know the story: madman guns down rock legend John Lennon. But in this true-crime retelling of that fateful night in the New York summer of 1980, best-selling author James Patterson artfully manages to get inside the head of Mark Chapman, the m