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ender has been on a signature guitar roll of late,

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Hot Gear
RRP: $1,995 • Designed as the perfect nylon-string guitar for non classical specialists, the Faith Lyra has a specially profiled neck – slimmer than a traditional classical guitar, but not so narrow that proper fingerstyle technique i
Australian GuitarLeitura de 3 mins
Minor Pentatonic Riffs
“What’s the minor pentatonic scale?” This is a sequence of notes that guitarists use a lot. And we mean a lot! It appears extensively in blues, metal, jazz, and almost any pop- and rock-based styles for that matter. Greats like Angus Young and BB Kin
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The New Razzle Dazzle
Few acts have managed to score major international breakouts with maniacally devoted fanbases quite the way I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (also known by their much more page space-friendly moniker, iDKHow) have – especially when you find out the