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Integrated Home: Level I

Due to the mid-century modern design, the owners of this home had little desire to see ”

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beyerdynamic T1 & T5
Having hit the peak for wireless noise-cancellers, the rest of the headphones in our group here are cabled models, and given the increasing prices, they are cabled headphones of great quality. Here we have two, indeed, as beyerdynamic has repeated th
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Maintaining the MAGIC
Back in the so-called glory years of the record industry, label executives often seemed to be some bizarre personality fusion of Stalin and Santa Claus. Recording artists would often see the benevolent side of pats on the backs, manipulative but enco
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Buying Guide
The most modern of hi-fi, from portable Bluetooth speakers to large all-in-one wireless units which can challenge separates systems, there seem no limits to the technology being incorporated to achieve convenience along with sound quality. Check your