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“ Buildings that resemble vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and rocket ships.” That is how Cape Town architect Robert Silke simplifies the Art Deco aesthetic. Living in an Art Deco building himself – the Holyrood apartment block in Queen Victoria Street, built in 1938 – Robert is a passionate

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1 Design Journey
This is the piece that started it all, and it remains part of our catalogue. We’ve always approached our designs with a narrative, combined with process and materiality. At the time, laser technology was reasonably new, expensive and not readily avai
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ON a blustery stretch of coastline three hours south of Melbourne, you’ll find this exquisitely crafted holiday home sitting pretty on the dunes. Both the property’s owner, Fiona Leahy, and her architect cousin, Patrick Kennedy of Melbourne-based fir
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19 Good Bones
“When selecting our top six projects – a ‘bone of contention’ in the studio because our designers all had different selections – what we love is that they are so vastly different in style and vision. We know that, just as each client has their own pe