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he commercial half of this synth pair, Generate houses new choices of oscillator algorithm, of which the 'Double Pendulum' is only one. The Wavefolder section also has a choice of algorithms and the ability to switch in an analog-modeled VCA. Another difference between the two synths is that Generate adds in a

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Convolution Vs Artificial Reverb
You’d be forgiven for assuming that convolution reverb is always a better choice than algorithmic reverb. After all, a recording of a real space at the center of your spatial treatments has to be better than something artificial, right? Not always. T
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 4 minsTechnology & Engineering
New Gear
The first we saw of Korg’s opsix was at NAMM 2020, when the company showed a very early version of what appeared to be a DX7-style FM synth. Now, 11 months on, it’s officially been launched, albeit in a revised and far more compact format. With the o
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NADA uses the Best Service Engine Quick Edit screen to provide a standardized instrument interface, and this is augmented by patch-specific parameters at the bottom and in an additional window if required. Controls included in all patches sit either