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Three Other Great V Collection Members
The CMI V is a stunning replication of the Fairlight CMI, an absolute classic in the world of early sampling and the first iteration of the workstation, a precursor to the now ubiquitous DAW. CMI V takes what was great about the original, and upgrade
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Native Instruments And Izotope Join Forces
In what can only be described as a stunning development, Native Instruments and iZotope have announced that they’re joining forces to form a new technology group backed by investment firms Francisco Partners and EMH Partners. While the two companies
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Beatport DJ Lets You Mix In Your Web Browser
We’ve long wondered about the potential for a streaming service that has DJing functionality built into it, and now it’s finally arrived, in the form of Beatport DJ. Released now to all LINK subscribers, and soon to be offered on a standalone, entry-