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glance looks like a serious downturn for the new- and used-aircraft markets may not actually be that bad when you look at transactions that have moved forward on an individual basis. We asked our social media followers whether they had bought or sold an aircraft during the first eight months of 2020, and we were happily. Representative among the new owners, Larry Griffiths purchased his 1956 Cessna 172 in April, and he reflects on the experience. “Looking back through the eye of a country in a pandemic, my process began with near dismissal of anything to worry about [and progressed] to seeing the China Airlines wing of [California’s Ontario International Airport] (KONT) deserted as I first flew to Kentucky from California to see the plane, to delays caused during prebuy [inspections] as simultaneously my own employment became a question, to scrambling to find a ferry pilot willing to bring her home to me after a last-minute cancellation. It got hectic. She’s here in California now, but I feel as though I just made it under the wire of when stuff became much more complicated.”

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