Advertising for the Greater Good

isn’t like other marketing agencies. Sure, it delivers cost-effective results for clients at scale. But its real purpose is to help abuse survivors and victims of corporate greed fi nd justice by connecting them to relevant civil lawsuits called mass torts. Since 2015, XSM has used Facebook and Instagram advertising

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Start with Teaching and Technology; Add Fun
Morning meetings for the sales team at GetMeHealthcare often start with a book chat. President Michael Tobias-himself the author of the two-book SalesFreaks motivational series- picks and previews the works of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, billionaire hedg
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Not Just a Cosmetic Change
Gregg Renfrew, the founder and CEO of Beautycounter, a pioneering business in “clean beauty,” lives in Santa Monica, California-not far from Hollywood. So it’s no surprise she would be inspired by a movie. And she was, though not by a traditional Hol
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Great Workplaces Have Mentors Who Care About Workers
88% ACTIVELY MENTOR MEMBERS OF THEIR TEAM. Mentorship is one of the hallmarks of an effective company. Successful entrepreneurs overwhelmingly embrace the responsibility of offering professional assistance to their junior employees. For many, that’s