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GPU: Navi 22 Lithography: TSMC 7nm Die size: 336mm2 Transistors: 17.2 billion Stream processors: 2,560 CUs: 40 Ray accelerators: 40 Infinity cache: 128MB GPU clock: 2,424MHz Memory: 12GB GDDR6 Memory bus: 196-bit Memory speed: 16Gbps Memo
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Kernel Watch
Tinus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 5.12-rc7, noting that it was likely there would be (relatively rare) RC8 (Release Candidate 8) this time around due to the large number of patches that went in at the last minute, in particular to address
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Escape Google Photos
When invitations to Google’s new mail service found themselves in the hands of the great unwashed the world of free email changed forever. No longer did users have to make do with a handful of megabytes of storage, obnoxious adverts and the terrible