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o serve housebound students the National WWI Museum], an interactive educational website exploring the legacy of the war and offering free downloadable resources. Content is split among nine topics, each featuring a video, a primary source document, a lesson plan and a podcast.

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Military HistoryLeitura de 1 minsInternational Relations
To Hell Week And Back
Perhaps the most important lesson learned from the illstarred 1915 Allied landings on Turkey’s Gallipoli peninsula during World War I was the importance of both gathering intelligence on an objective and clearing mines and other obstacles from the be
Military HistoryLeitura de 6 mins
Black Jack’s Men
Pershing’s Lieutenants: American Military Leadership in World War I, edited by David T. Zabecki and Douglas V. Mastriano, Osprey Publishing, New York, 2020, $35 The Army with which the United States entered World War I was not the U.S. Army of today,
Military HistoryLeitura de 3 mins
Not Nimitz
[Re: “Museum of the Pacific War Upgrades Nimitz Gallery,” News, by Brendan Manley, July 2020:] The following statement is made about Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz: “… and presided over Japan’s formal surrender aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tok