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These are interesting times for New Zealand’s MBA sector – to say the least. When NZBusiness approached the major programme providers in early September, the sector was clearly experiencing some significant trends.

In the words of Dr Heather Connolly, director of professional programmes at the University of Waikato’s Management School, there has been a major re-evaluation of the MBA across New Zealand’s universities, and it began before Covid-19 made its full presence felt.

“The market is demanding a lot more around the MBA being business relevant,” says Connolly.

As for Covid’s impact, she says Waikato University saw an increase in MBA enquiries, applications and enrolments during and post the nationwide lockdown as people had more time to consider their careers and trajectories.

“They want to future-proof themselves in a market that’s completely still unknown. We’ve seen a pattern in enrolments not seen in the past. Proactive people are recognising

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