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is a part of the doubting spirit of the age to deride the dear old myth and mystery

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The Vault
Goldie Hawn was plain-looking as a young girl: “I’d cry a lot and run home to Mom and ask, ‘When am I going to be a wow, like other girls?’ Mom always used to reply, ‘Don’t worry, Goldie, one of these days you won’t be able to control all those boys
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All Baseball, All the Time
Giants Coach Leo Durocher has always maintained that the talk about Willie Mays’ “batting weaknesses” was nonsense. “All hitters,” Durocher declares, “are streak hitters. When Willie is hitting, he just overpowers any weakness he might have. When he’
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Covid Vaccines
Clinical pharmacist board-certified in ambulatory care Millions are rolling up their sleeves for a COVID shot. Yet many others remain wary of the new vaccines. For those on the fence: 1. Follow the research. Track vaccine availability, safety, and