Expanding Espanso

In addition to creating custom triggers, you can also install extensions to expand Espanso’s feature set. These extensions, called packages, provide additional functionality. You’ll.

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Doomsday Communicator powered by Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi Pico is turning up in many imaginative projects, and the latest to the list is a long-range wireless chat “Doomsday Communicator” from Bobricius that features a simple QWERTY keyboard and a small IPS LCD display. Bobricius’ Raspberry
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This has been one of the most difficult times to talk about hardware, especially when it comes to pricing up builds. Shortages, scalpers, and miners have put a strain on this industry, and many of our parts saw price rises. So, we’ve made several cha
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PlayStation 5
We finally put down our PS5 long enough to do a proper teardown. We really want this thing to work again when we’re done. We’re not going to hold back, though. Here we go. • AMD custom 8-core / 16-thread 3.5GHz Zen 2 CPU • AMD custom RDNA 2 GPU (2,23