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JULIAN DIX (b. 1961) creates paintings in series for the same reason many past masters did, including one of his principal influences, Giorgio Morandi (1890–1964): to look closely at a subject for a prolonged period, exhausting visual interpretation until unseen philosophical, poetic, or psychological conclusions emerge. “I am most excited when exploring an idea I don’t fully understand, something greater than me, a piece that takes me to uncharted realms of ideas and impressions that strive to move through my brushes onto canvas,” the artist shares. “I am aware that what I am creating is at the edge of my understanding, and the painting becomes a process of discovering what wishes to reveal itself.”

Two recent series — and , both done this year — are works through which Dix sought to reconcile the transitional and unsettling circumstances the world is now facing. The still life pictured here, , is one of eight works in that suite. While, Dix concerned himself only with painting values — the transitions between darks and mid-values, lights and highlights; the way light turns around the structure of bottles; the subtle hint of reflection on a glass — as a metaphor for how humanity’s collective values, relationships to one another, and coping mechanisms have shifted during the crisis.

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