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Traction — it’s a love–hate relationship. There are times where you’re chasing every single last inch of it, lashing the fine line of chaos mid corner under threat of losing it any moment. Other times, you’re trying to ensure that you’re devoid of traction for as long as your car can handle, watching the tread peel away with rubber spray up the guards until you hear the distinctive indicator of a successfully destroyed tyre — bang.

When it comes to putting power to the ground, traction is undoubtedly your best friend, although there is no harder friendship to form than between those battling with a high-power front-wheel drive.

The first time we saw Aucklander Jayden Broad, it was by way of a video that showed him giving absolute hell to a turbo B18CR-powered EK sedan. The fronts were lit up, pouring clouds of white, while the unmistakable sound of VTEC limiter bounced at redline and the wastegate hissed away. With 260kW on board and

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Cars must be registered and have a WOF, drive back up the return road, have raced within the last two years, and still belong to the driver who set the time. If you know anyone who should be on the list, make sure to let us know by emailing editor@pe