oug Butler, PhD, CJF, FWCF, has a doctorate in veterinary anatomy and equine nutrition and more than 57 years of experience as a practicing farrier. He is a Certified Journeyman Farrier and a 

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Hands On
Mention that your horse has scratches and chances are you’ll be inundated with suggestions for homemade remedies from barn friends and internet strangers, with each concoction “guaranteed” to clear up the condition quickly. For your horse’s sake, res
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Pop Quiz
Q: When describing equine conformation faults, people often use expressions that bring to mind other animals. Which of the following terms does not describe an undesirable physical trait in a horse? a. cow-hocked b. pigeon-toed c. pig-bellied d. ewe-
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Selfawareness In Horses
This is an amazing photo, taken about 1907, of Tom Bass’ horse Columbus when he was the star of Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show. The sharp vertical break that cuts off the peaked tent at center-right is puzzling at first, until you realize that Co