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by Hans Christian Andersen

‘I was an avid reader from a young age, and while I was really social and loved playing in the street with my friends, when I was inside I devoured books. There was something so powerful about a story’s ability to transport you to another place in which you could go on adventures and make new friends – fiction had me instantly hooked, and happily it still does.

There’s nothing I love more nowadays than an escapist read.

‘While I had shelves full of books, one of my favourites was bought for me by my parents – a gorgeous green marblepatterned hardback volume of assorted Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales including , , and . The stories were fascinating, unutterably dark and every one taught me an important lesson, whether that was about giving up everything for love or that pride often comes before a fall. I returned to that volume again and again, and looking back it set the scene for the type of author I wanted to be; someone who could sweep readers away and make them forget everything around them. I strive to do that now, with every book I write.’

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