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A load of old trope – HORROR

Recently in these pages we explored tropes within fantasy, and that core concept that tropes exist within every genre. However, as a long-term horror fan, on a personal level I find them more jarring when I see them in that field. I don’t necessarily think there’s more of them, but I see them so much, not just in my working life but also in my leisure time, that they feel impossible to miss.

However, it is worth reiterating that tropes in and of themselves are not a bad thing – what ultimately matters is what you do with them. It might be putting them in a fresh location, taking a new angle at the trope or somehow completely turning it on its head!

In this article, we’re going to explore some of horror’s best-known tropes and how as writers we can employ them – or break them – to our advantage.

Ever so lonely

Much horror – both classic and recent – has employed a in itself is a movie that plays with very common horror elements in a really fun way – a loving take-up of this concept.

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