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The magic touch

READ THE STORY AT: http://writ.rs/themagicshop

This month’s story, The Magic Shop by HG Wells, features a number of contrasts. The story is narrated by an adult character, let’s call him ‘Father’, who is accompanied by his son Gip. So we’re seeing the action directly through the adult’s eyes, but also indirectly through the child’s eyes as observed by his father. We’ve also got a spectrum with reality/truth at one end and unreality/deception at the other.

And we also get glimpses of both the sinister and the benign. As always, you will get most from the master class if you read the story for yourself: http://writ.rs/themagicshop.

The title gives us our first clue that we’re going to potentially get a story with an otherworldly element, although, of course, the shop could have turned out to be a straightforward shop selling magic tricks. But there are also other subtle hints in the opening paragraph that things aren’t necessarily what they seem.

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