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he American magazine is one of the world’s leading travel and tourism journals, offering inspiring themed coverage of destinations and holidays, ie adventure travel, solo travel, weekend getaways, luxury holidays, etc. Its coverage, in print, online and via social media, reflects the way the pandemic has affected travel, offering

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Write with Moxy
UK creative non-fiction journal Moxy is in the market for pieces of criticism, essays, travel writing and personal essays from writers of all backgrounds. ‘We think a diverse array of voices makes for a better magazine,’ say guidelines. Submissions s
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Circles’ Roundup
The Hive Creative Writers started in 2015 when Sana (our founder) couldn’t find a suitable group where she could share her writing and so decided to set up one herself, writes Stacey Harrison. ‘We have ten regular members, some of whom have been with
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What’s My Motivation?
What do you write? It’s a common question writers get asked and is often simple to answer. But the more pertinent question that writers should be thinking about is why do they write? Part of the key to a writer’s satisfaction and success lies in the