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‘I’ve Learnt To Be Myself And Step Into My Own Power’
Dozens of lives needlessly end each year through accidental drownings, and as the country approaches February, the deadliest month, there have been 69 drownings in the past 12 months. Men, Māori and Pasifika are overrepresented in the statistics. The
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Bed Made, Lying In It
In 2018, Masterton was outraged by a flower bed. The district council had decided that the cheerful plantings on a large traffic island on the way into the town had to go. We could no longer afford the water, estimated at the equivalent of 100 bathtu
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Tightrope Act
It’s March 2010, two years into Barack Obama’s first term as US President. An aide enters the Oval Office. “A new Harris poll is out, Mr President. There’s good news and bad news: 38% of Republicans think you’re doing many of the things Hitler did.”