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On the farm with Adam Henson

Talk to any farming family and there’s a fair chance that, within a few minutes, the conversation will turn to the landmark events that have changed lives and left their mark on the industry. The big freeze of 1963, the UK joining the Common Market in 1973 and 2001’s devastating outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease are high on

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Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Purple sprouting broccoli is packed with micronutrients, vitamins and compounds that make it a worthy holder of the ‘superfood’ title. It’s in season from January to May, helpfully bridging the ‘hungry gap’ between dwindling winter vegetables and the
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Your Great Days Out… In Photos
By: Simon Woodley Where: Roker Pier and Lighthouse, Sunderland “Huge waves battered Roker Lighthouse when Storm Laura hit in late August last year. The enormous waves were frightening to watch.” By: Dean Beaden Where: Arnside, Cumbria “We enjoyed
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MOVE, THINK, EAT Your 2021 wellness plan
Here we are at the beginning of the year. After a crazy and challenging 2020, we’re wondering where 2021 will lead us. But whatever has gone before, a shiny new year offers the possibility of a fresh start. It is tempting to hibernate in the winter,