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Katlego Maboe would like us to believe he’s never abused his partner (YOU, 5 November).

Dear Katlego, I fail to believe that you think that cheating on

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An emission is something that’s released into the open. It often refers to gases that are released into the air from power plants and factories, and also to any time your body discharges something like sweat, burps or farts. ■
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Good News
Doctors and scientists have found a new way to help control malaria among children in the west African country of Ivory Coast. Fewer cases of the deadly disease have been reported after the introduction of a new invention from the Netherlands that bl
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‘Fantastic Beasts’ In The Night Sky
IT CAN be fun spotting constellations – including the symbols of the zodiac – in the night sky. Since ancient times, people have discerned pictures in the heavens by connecting the stars and planets like dots. In the past, constellations were used fo