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Scratch-build a NSW Timber Road Overbridge Part 2
The process of painting or weathering the bridge allows the age or level of maintenance of the bridge to be changed and provides more flexibility over the final look. The methods used below can be used on virtually any timber structure or detail item
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The Right Tools and Acquiring Skills to use Them
I started railway modelling as an adult hobby in the summer of 1990–91. One of the parts of the hobby I really enjoy is the opportunity it provides to listen to radio broadcasts, audio books and podcasts while I’m modelling. I started out listening t
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The last bullet point in Scott’s comment (‘Setting Goals’) in December AMRM (Issue 345) asked simply: “What inspired you?”. That got me to reflect on my own endeavours over the past 45-odd years. At my favourite ‘thinking spot’ by our dam a few weeks