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Granular fun with Alchemy

Choose File >> Initialize Preset. The instrument’s four oscillators, called Sources, are capable of multiple synthesis and sampling types. Click Saw A’s top header and choose Import Audio to open the

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Splice – Mystic Soul with The Love Experiment $7.99/mo
The Love Experiment is a New York future-soul collective. This, their fourth and final collabo with the Splice sample family, sees them supplying more of the same high-quality riffs, grooves, and melodies, that fans of Children of Zeus, Anderson .Paa
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 1 mins
Looptone – Future Analogue Synth $33
We’re told the sounds in this pack come exclusively from, “The greatest five-voice polyphonic analog synth of the ’80s”. That fact, combined with the sketch on the cover, and unmistakable punch of the samples inside, all point to the Prophet-5 being
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A Golden Age?
In this issue's cover feature, amongst the preamble leading into our big mini synth head-to-head, we posit the idea that right now we might be living in a golden age of hardware synths. Some might argue this is a fairly bold statement – vintage devot