American History

A Credit Mobilier Primer

Congress intended to promote construction of the transcontinental railroad with $48,000 in government-backed bonds and 6,400 acres in land grants for every mile of track laid. Despite the proffered federal largesse, investors stayed away because the law

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H.L. Mencken Scorned His Compatriots Outrageous, snide, and cynical, the caustic newspaper stylist considered his fellow Americans a lower species. In the aftermath of World War I, Mencken wrote a manifesto exposing his countrymen’s most mortifying h
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Places That Are Gone
At an awful moment in the history of American restaurants, with nary a one safe from the pandemic’s killer shadow, here is a volume honoring joints and cafes and posh establishments that already have shuffled off the mortal coil in one California com
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Hair Power
At the peak of her long career, diminutive powerhouse Martha Matilda Harper was overseeing some 500 hair salons around the country, in Canada, and across Europe that promoted her Harper hair care method. From an impoverished child indentured in Ontar