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Cutting Edge
The light diffracting through the particles of Saturn’s rings helps astronomers measure their size Diffraction is more often than not the bane of any observational astronomer’s life. This wave property of light means that light entering the aperture
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New Arrivals On Mars
HOPE PROBE, 10 FEBRUARY 2021 Three Mars-bound spacecraft set off within days of each other in February – the Emirates Mars Mission, China’s Tianwen-1 and NASA’s Mars 2020 – but it was the UAE (United Arab Emirates) that first successfully entered the
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The Night Sky – April
1 April at 01:00 BST15 April at 00:00 BST30 April at 23:00 BSTOn other dates, stars will be in slightly different positions because of Earth’s orbital motion. Stars that cross the sky will set in the west four minutes earlier each night. 1. Hold the