Guitar Techniques

Steve’s perspective on playing over Stomping At The Pier’s chord changes

MY GOAL IS TO PLAY melodic lines and then to play over changes as if connecting the b b b

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The Gt Interview
GT: What did you use for the recording of Liquid Quartet Live? ML: I used a Fender Custom Shop Strat that has two Lollar Imperial humbuckers (standard wind). The main amp was a Dumble Slidewinder, which is similar to a four-input style Bassman amp w
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Deep Purple
One of the most highly respected of all rock bands, Deep Purple is seen by many as a pioneer of heavy metal. Formed in 1968 in Hertfordshire the most iconic line up comprised founders Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan (vocals) and Jon Lord (organ), plus
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HOW TO Find All The Notes On The Fretboard
Many guitarists struggle to know which note is at what fret on the guitar. This is vital if you are to get on as a player - especially when it comes to reading, transposing to different keys, or interacting with other musicians. Here are the notes at