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Jason Introduces...
Welcome to another jam-packed GT with topics from across the (fret) boards. I hope you’re enjoying Jamie Humphries’ huge wah-wah feature, Alex Sill’s stunning video solo, The Crossroads look at jazz-blues swing feel, and Verdi’s The Drinking Song for
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Gary Moore
The late Gary Moore was a phenomenal guitarist, with a rich and diverse playing style and oodles of tone to boot. Gary is most famous for his iconic sustain and hot blues tone, with soaring melodies that make the listener feel like they’re gliding on
Guitar TechniquesLeitura de 1 mins
Phil Hilborne’s One-minute Lick
THIS LICK IS IN two parts: The first in bars 1-2 mainly involves descending 5th intervals that are connected via fretting-hand first-finger slides. This is really the ‘question' part of the lick. It can be played either with the pick or using hybrid