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Get the Tone
As we’re dealing with musical concepts here you can choose any tone you like, although for classic jazz the consensus is to select the warm tone of a neck position humbucker and pick a little closer to the fingerboard. For the blues examples, conside
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THE CROSSROADS Pt3 Bluesy Swing Lines
When asked about which guitarists he admired, the great Jimi Hendrix once replied, “Kenny Burrell, that’s the sound I’m looking for”. Throughout the history of blues and jazz music, both these styles have evolved and expanded with the benefit of the
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Just A Few Of Your Regular GT Technique Experts...
Simon is a graduate of ACM and The Guitar Institute, holding a Masters degree in music. He teaches, examines and plays everything from rock to jazz. One of the UK’s most respected music educators, Shaun has taught many who are now top tutors themsel