Shooting Gazette

Dear Father Christmas…

I suppose it could be Dear Santa, Dear Saint Nicholas or, shudder, Dear St Nick. But I’ll stick with Dear Father Christmas if you don’t mind; that’s what I’m happiest with and the one that seems most respectful.

I haven’t written you a letter for a long time, I’m afraid. I’m sure you don’t mind; there are so many children writing to you every year, a few less might be a blessing. And I’m not really a child any more. What am I saying? My children aren’t officially children any more!

I thought, you know, that writing to you this year, in 2020, couldn’t do any harm. To be honest, it’s more therapy than anything else. I don’t really expect you to deliver a load of presents to my house at Christmas; there are a lot more deserving people in the world. But I wanted to go through the motions, revert

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