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My labrador is 14 months old and to date has been very good in training and progressing well. Just recently he has gone very flat and has started to ignore dummies after finding

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Admiral Nelson’s campaigns
Compared with the smoothbore Brown Bess musket, the Baker rifle was so accurate that Admiral Nelson had the foresight to take on board his ships the newly formed Rifle Corps, later the 95th or Rifle Regiment, armed with Bakers. These riflemen were em
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Talk Of The Trade
Restrictions didn’t mean shutdown: After the first lockdown I became very busy with lots of customer fittings. People had waited long enough and I am now still doing several a week. Fittings do not require really close contact but both parties wear m
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Tiny Version For Prince Alfred
The Baker bird collectors’ gun was designed to be a small take-down for concealment, whereas this one (right) was designed as a tiny gun for a very young boy. The boy was none other than Prince Alfred and the gun is a Westley Richards single 28-bore