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AudioKit Pro AR-909

Is your iPad or iPhone missing a TR-909-style drum machine? Give AudioKit Pro’s AR-909 a whirl. Powered entirely by synthesis

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Analogue Circuits
Making music inside the computer gives you a perfect signal path of sample-accurate ones and zeros, promising crystal-clear fidelity. But not everyone believes that this type of ‘perfection’ is always a good thing – when it comes to getting a charact
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Pro Tips
The method of key change shown in step 10 is known as a modulation by secondary dominant. This is because we’re smoothing out the transition from the original key into the new key by preceding the tonic of the new key with the V chord, or dominant of
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The 40 Greatest Synth Sounds Of All Time
The glorious sound of the synth – and by that we mean its circuits, the tone and timbre of the machine itself and not necessarily its attempts to emulate ‘real’ instruments – has now been filtering in and out of music genres for more than five decade