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The Big Shot
‘This protected wetland is rich in history, with wherries, windmills, boathouses, abbeys, churches and more, all offering a wonderful journey back in time (p27)’ Where are we? Horsey Windpump, Norfolk Broads Coordinates 52.7410° N, 1.6388° E Why tour
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In Love With Llyn
THE INTERNET CLAIMED that the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales — also known as Snowdon’s Arm — “enjoys a unique microclimate, benefiting from the Gulf Stream bringing warmer sea temperatures and weather”. The weather forecasters, however, seemed to have
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You And Your Caravan!
OWNER SATISFACTION SURVEY 2021 Our Owner Satisfaction Awards 2021, organised by Practical Caravan with The Camping and Caravanning Club, let you have your say about any caravan you’ve bought in the past three years, how it’s fared in its time with yo