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Focus On Kitchen Flooring
While a kitchen floor, with its heavy use, needs to be durable and preferably easy to maintain, it can also be a feature that enhances the style and success of your room. The choice of material depends on your budget and attitude towards character, b
Homes & GardensLeitura de 2 mins
Name To Know
Q Tell us a little about your background. I grew up among the flora of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, where I trained to be a tailor. I packed my bags for London with hopes of discovering different contexts for ‘making’. In London, I sign
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Recreate The Look
(Bulb quantity per 1.5x 2.5m rectangle) 15 pink, peony-flowered ‘Amazing Grace’ (height 38cm) 15 multi-headed yellow-maturing-pink ‘Antoinette’ (height 50cm) 15 late double ‘Black Hero’ (height 60cm) 15 single late orange ‘Avignon’ (height 70cm) In