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wo decades ago, in 1999, I wrote a column predicting what I thought the future would be like in the coming 20 years and, as strange as it seems to me, it’s finally here. As it appears that the COVID-19 situation is still not well under control by the time you read this, I am not sure what to predict. What we all have agonized over for the past six months may have not destroyed our civilization (as we know it) but has certainly altered it worldwide. Hopefully, enthusiasm for technology has not changed, especially in our ranks. Since this is a time of year that most people consider and predict the future, not to be outdone, I would like to update my point of view of the technology to come since many of the readers of these columns are technically-inclined (I hopefully assume correctly). First, to understand what I base my views on, we must always consider where we have come from.

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Looking Ahead
Here are some of the articles we’re working on for upcoming issues of CQ: • CW Results: 2020 CQ World Wide DX Contest• From RDC to PGC (and what that means!)• My Dipole Has Gain!• A Hammock Yagi Upcoming Special Issues: June: Take it to the Field Oct
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Building And Operating A New Superstation At ND7K
In 2018, Tim, N6WIN, reached out to me and said he was going to build a nice station at his retirement ND7K QTH in Arizona. After asking him what he was planning on putting up, he said that he wanted a station that could compete in domestic contests
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What’s New
AOR Ltd. has released a new firmware update to its popular AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 digital voice receivers with a feature previously found only in its pro line of wideband receivers. After users download the firmware update from AOR’s website