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Dami Im
I made a YouTube video of me cooking and eating a cactus. (I know, things I do to promote my music!) I took a bite, gagged and almost threw up, then laughed on the floor until we had to stop filming. Don’t try this at home kids! All the tubs of Ben
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The Fame Game
“I used to just despise it, I hated everything about it,”Eilish says of her quickly found fame.“And I felt stupid, because I had this thing that’s really cool, people would kill for … I think we should be aware we have an incredible thing that we get
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Love Me Now
Despite being together for 15 years, Teigen and Legend’s relationship is still full of romance. The mum-of-two recently shared a snap of the pair cuddling on the couch, captioning it “everything”. And for his own swoon-worthy gesture, Legend recently