Arlo Parks

The rising star paving the way as a bedroom pop phenomenon.

It’s lockdown season again, so it couldn’t be anymore fitting to interview Arlo Parks exactly where most of her music is written — her bedroom. Dressed in a relaxed auburn hoodie and an oversized silver chain necklace, the 20-year-old beams at the news; she’s just found out she’s receiving the GAY TIMES Honour for Elevate Emerging Artist in Music. After having a breakthrough year, awards are no new feat for Arlo, but, still, she’s immensely grateful for the recognition.

Firstly, thank you! In this time of chaos, the function of art and my role as an artist has been thrown up in the air,” Arlo replies. “It’s really quite grounding to have that kind of validation and to be seen as some kind of spokesperson or rising talent, especially this early in my career. It’s a bit surreal, I haven’t wrapped my head around it.”

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