Pop icon. Committed ally. Disco queen.

If you were to hop into a TARDIS and land in the space above a stylish restaurant called Bluebird on King’s Road in London in the spring of 1994, chances are you’d stumble upon a 26-year-old Kylie Minogue in a little Barbie t-shirt, smiling and winking at the camera. Behind the camera would be her good friend Katerina Jebb, who was living with her at the time. “Usually it was just her and I because we would easily get irritated with other people around,” Kylie reminisces. “Hair, make-up, even wigs if we knew there would be wigs, we would do it all ourselves. And, at a push, we’d rent one light!” Back then you’d have to wait a few more days yet to find out if you’d achieved the perfect shot. “We would either get the film developed at a professional place, but sometimes it would just be Snappy Snaps,” Kylie adds. Of course, in this instance they captured a stunner – one that would later go on to be Kylie’s first ever GAY TIMES Magazine cover in the summer of ‘94.

For her return to our cover – 26 years later! - I’d sent over the classic shot from our archives with its vintage hue and the plucky strapline ‘Smylie Kylie!’ “Just seeing that photo reminds me of that time,” she says. “In those days, and as something that I

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