For 25 years, this UK-based charity has changed the lives of trans youth for the better.

Offering support for young people in the UK should never be debatable, and that’s something Mermaids, one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities, embodies within its efforts to help young trans people and their families.

This year has shown that support services for LGBTQ+ people, and specifically young trans people, is vital. With many of us locked inside, often having to conceal or hide our identities, Mermaids has become a life-saving service for young trans people and their families to be able to navigate their way through the beauty that is trans identity.

Helping young people, no matter how they identify, is not something that’s up for debate, or scrutiny. Mermaids has fallen victim to the anti-trans lobby in the UK for just simply acting to help trans lives. With constant media attacks, and right-wing transphobia, Mermaids holds its head high as a service that isn’t going anywhere. But it needs your support now more than ever. It’s a shining symbol of transness right now, that no matter how hard we are beaten down and vilified, we will remain and continue to be our brilliant selves for all to see.

It’s why we wanted to celebrate Mermaids and the incredible and selfless work they do by recognisning them with the GAY TIMES Honour for British Trailblazer. It felt even more fitting considering they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we have spoken to members of the Mermaids team to discuss what they truly feel about being a part of one of the most challenged, yet vital services this country has to offer.

Daminee Budhi

Legal & Policy Officer(she/her)

What does your role at Mermaids entail?

I’m the Legal and Policy Officer at Mermaids, and really the title says it all. Mermaids offer legal support and guidance to our service users, be that trans and gender-diverse young people, their families or professionals who are trying to support these young people. Enquiries of a somewhat legal nature will pass through the helpline onto me, and I

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