My Full Stop: The Victim Impact Statement I was denied

he notion of victimhood is something that I have been asked to share with you today. To be able to humanise the case number that’s been assigned to my body, and instead share with you, the jury, what the actualities have been of living through this period of time. To expunge the last three months, into a timely piece that I shall read aloud to the courtroom. I was asked to detail the impact that the past four months has had on me, and it left me feeling bemused. Often in my life, I condense feelings and experiences into nuggets of digestible information. Easy for people to understand. Always thinking of how other people can consume our words, delivering them up, ready to eat. But why? Our lives, our experiences, our trauma and our bodies are not something that can always be packaged up in a way that appeases the masses. We aren’t built to be neat. Our lives are sharp and jagged. My story and experience of the early morning of the

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