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One effect of education moving online in a

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That’s Not Linux!
There have been plenty of other kernels and operating systems, many open source, but all languishing in the footnotes of history. The original UNIX releases had their day, but the POSIX standard they established, the shackles and legalities of overbe
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Development Problems
We’ve detailed the hurdles VR needs to overcome to become truly cemented in our technological lives, but there’s another angle that’s just as important: development—in particular, investment. Because of the steady speed of sales in VR headsets, game
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Emulating the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
YOU’LL NEED THIS A COPY OF RETRO VIRTUAL MACHINE. 32 and 64-bit versions are available for Windows and Linux, plus a 64-bit package for macOS. AT LAST, WE’RE FEATURING the machine we’ve been teasing for months: the Sinclai