When I first read Mikey’s introduction to this review, I was struck by his matter-of-fact statement that class-D isn’t digital. Really? Are you sure?

Yes, I know the D in class- D doesn’t for digital, but that doesn’t mean the technology isn’t digital.

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I measured the Benchmark HPA4’s performance with my Audio Precision SYS2722 system (see the January 2008 “As We See It”1), repeating some tests with the magazine’s sample of Audio Precision’s current top-line APx555. As a line preamplifier, the HPA4
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Benchmark HPA4
I am certain the quality of life I live is determined by two factors: who and what I give my attentions to, and my ability to observe all that I encounter with an open mind. This approach to living has served me well—especially during this review of
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Gramophone Dreams
What I categorize as mainstream, dealer-based, fancy-pants streamers and big-speakers audio is actually only the gold-plated tip of a gigantic asteroid-like monolith that extends (underground) from New York to Hong Kong, from the Arctic Circle to Ant