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A Family Torn In Two
A NAMIBIAN father, whose newborn twin girls are stuck in South Africa, has accused his government of blatantly refusing to acknowledge a legal document issued by South Africa. Dr Phillip Lühl and his Mexican husband Guillermo Delgado had the joy of t
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The Special One Will Still Add To His 25 Trophies
TO those who say Jose Mourinho is too conservative and his tactics outdated: I say he is a star that will never die out. I believe his axing as Spurs boss is neither a setback nor the end of his managerial career. Jose hasn’t said much about his Spur
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Quick Read
PRESIDENT Cyril Ramaphosa announced this week that democratic South Africa’s sixth local government elections would take place on October 27. The elections which will see millions of South Africans elect officials to run their cities and towns. The a